Asking why, on a Monday in 2018

The other day I was printing a memo at work that filled about two-thirds of a page. I needed two copies. I got back the two copies, plus two additional blank pages.

It made me wonder why, in 2018, copy machine manufacturers, paper companies, or both, are still allowing printers to spit out blank pages or pages with one minor line of copy rather than offering the option to spare that wasted page. Most people don’t have the time or savvy to go into their print drive to make adjustments that might prevent this paper waste. Nor should they have to.

The paper problem made me realize I’ve been irked lately by more than just paper. In fact, let me channel a little George Carlin today:

  • Waiting at a stop light behind a string of cars, the light turns green but the line doesn’t move because someone in that string is on their cell phone. And they wake up in time to make the light, but you miss it. With the number of distracted driver accidents nowadays, it’s crazy that, in 2018, state legislatures or the federal government are not mandating hands-free-only cell phone use in vehicles. And don’t tell me I’m talking apples and oranges. I know it already, OK?
  • Why, in 2018, has no company figured out making plastic wrap easier to use? We have the same sharp serrated edge on the same shaped box with the same plastic-wrap-garbagecardboard pull tab (that inevitably tears open the side of the box when the wrap is halfway used, making things exponentially more difficult than they already are) since forever. Said plastic wrap in said box does one of two things when you try to tear off a piece: 1. Immediately folds into itself, thus initiating the always lengthy and rarely successful pull-apart process, or 2. You pull too much plastic out and as soon as you go to cut it off on the serrated edge you receive a painful cut, curse and return to outcome #1.
  • Walking into a market with cart, you are jammed at the door by another shopper with cart who decided upon entering to immediately stop and get their bearings. Why, in 2018, is the only store that has figured out proper cart flow Walmart, which sets its carts well off to the right after you enter the store? Which helps, by the way, but does not necessarily cure the problem of people paying no mind of courtesy.

It’s a Monday, in 2018, as I write this blog entry. It’s not rainy and I’m not down. Just annoyed.


One thought on “Asking why, on a Monday in 2018

  1. Even more annoying is when the tin foil becomes mis-aligned. You have to find the tiny starting section and roll it around & around until you can get back to the full width of the roll. Quite annoying!
    On a positive note, the manufacturers have made some improvements by adding those half-moon tabs on the container sides that keep the rolls in place.


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